5 Min – Day 7 -Possible Giveaway?

I am trying to declutter and realized I have a LOT of print books in my house. I think I need to start getting rid of them. So I think I will be doing some give away of print books later this month. I have both Witch’s Sacrifice and Witch’s Curse.

Anyway, last night I did a lot of marketing stuff. I took care of my website, updated some things, and did not write more than five words. It’s a little frustrating at times when that happens, but at the same time I need to get those marketing things out of the way too.

This morning I took some time to wake up, watch some youtube, and relax with a bowl of cereal. I know I’m going to go to work today and there are going to be a lot of calls waiting for me. I dread weeks like this, where calls are never ending. I don’t mind my job, I even like it some days, but having unending calls…dear god please let them give me a break in between calls. Just a minute to catch my breath. Just a moment to be me for a second, or check in with Bjorn on his twitch stream, or something.

But it only last a week or two before it calms down again. I’m pretty sure they are shifting the call volumes around until they get all the new people trained so that we can all be on the calls. That means in a few months we should stop having this problem, but for now it’s sometimes frustrating. And sometimes I just wish I could stay home.

But day jobs are a thing…for now….

And my five min are up.



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