5 min – Day 2 – Getting Crafty

I am writing this on my phone, snuggled into my bed,  just before going to sleep.

I am a procrastinator. Hear me roar!

The worst part about putting things off isn’t that they don’t get done right away, it’s that later comes and then you forget that you were supposed to do something. So here I am, typing my five minutes on a little keyboard with my thumbs because I said “I can do that later” and when latter got here and I forgot.

But, I did manage to get some things done today. I just bought a button maker, and so I’ve been testing it out. Printing out little pictures and trying it out. So far I love how easy it is to make them. Simple rhythm of putting the pieces into the press, then pulling the lever in the right order. Easy enough, and I like them.

I didn’t write today, except for this. I think there might be something to the morning pages. They prime the pumps and get you thinking about writing.

But more on that later. Times up.


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