I’m having a tough time focusing on writing over the last few days. And I can’t even say it’s the writing. Once I start writing it isn’t so bad, but when I try going back to read something so I can work on that particular thing, to finish something, my brain just kind of slides past the words and doesn’t let me wrap my mind around them.

This has happened before. Usually if I write something that doesn’t have anything to do with what I’ve already written, or if I go read for a while, the inability to focus passes. But I’ve been trying to push past it, right anyway, and…failing.

Sometimes you can’t push past things. Sometimes you have to deal with the thing standing in your way, be it stress, or a some issue in your life, or your health. There are just days where we loose focus. Sometimes a day to relax and take a break is enough. Other times you need something more.

Just don’t forget to take care of yourself. I know I’ve been forgetting that lately, and it’s just made it worse. So I’m going to go write something different, something off the wall, and just have a little fun today.


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