All of the books for 99 cents each. 

It’s the holidays, and with the holidays come all sorts of stress. I hope your holidays find you well, and that you all find the time to enjoy your family and friends. To see the good even when sometimes things look a little bleak.

And thank you for taking a moment out of your day to spend a few minutes reading this.

As a thank  you, this week all of my books are on sale for 99 cents each. All of them!

(And, of course, they are all still available through KU.)

That including my trilogy, The Witch’s Trilogy, the short story series about cursed items, Illicit Gains, and all of the stand alone short stories.

Prophecy by Barlight – A comedic look at self fulfilling prophecies.

Footprints – A man coming to terms with the past.

Flight of the Griffins – The first griffin battle squad.

Potion Shop – A love potion gone wrong.

Small Bites Collection – 12 short stories of a dark and fantastic nature.

Twilight Tales – 3 short stories, of a dark paranormal nature.

There is one more novel that I haven’t mentioned much. It’s an urban fantasy called Forgotten Ones about the reincarnated goddesses of fate, and how they protect humanity from the things that go bump in the night. The first book, Forgotten Ones, is also available at 99 cents this week. I have several more books that I am working on for that series, but for now I hope you enjoy the first one. It is a self contained story, so read without fear.

No go on, have a fantastic December, and a brilliant New Year!


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