Day 18- Full Time Author

Two more days.

i spent most of today reading. I had to, it was such a good story! I regret nothing! Lol.

But, seriously. Today I finished reading the last two books in the 20 sided sorceress series, books that have, in some ways, influenced my writing a little bit (mainly in that I’m writing this new series in 1st person.) It’s a good series, and I’m both happy and sad that I’ve gotten to the end of it. I did think the last three books should have been one book, but that’s a different discussion of seriels and breaking books up for the sake of it, etc. Each section had a complete story, but the main plot is in the three books.

Anyway, after I finished reading book seven I looked up and realized it was 2am again. Big surprise there. I wasn’t very tired so I decided to do some writing anyway, and did another 1500 words in just 40 minutes. And not just any words. GOOD words. At least I think they are good.

Today has been a blur. I don’t really know what I’ve done. There was sleep, and spending time with Gregg, then lots of reading, before writing and finishing a couple chapters. I should also include the social media I did today.

Tomorrow I’m going to finish another short story for the Bradbury Challenge, and get those print books taken care of.

Now, off to sleep. Good night everyone!


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