Day 6 – Full Time Author

I started writing these blog posts as a bit of accountability. If I keep writing, and keep sharing what I write, I can keep myself motivated, right? It is working a bit. Tonight I wrote an extra 300 words just to get over 1k. But it’s a touch and go sort of thing.unnamed

I’ve also been working on getting Witch’s Curse and Witch’s Stand in print format, as well as getting the trilogy out as… well.. a trilogy.

Being an author isn’t just about the writing. There are thousands of little things, like emails, marketing, and trying to get reviews. Sometimes I think I know what I’m doing, but more of the time I am just trying to figure out what to do.

Maybe it’s time to get a friend to hold my hand and get me through the first steps…

On the plus side, that trilogy cover looks beautiful.


3 thoughts on “Day 6 – Full Time Author

  1. It is possible to do everything on your own; however, the effort of learning all of the skills needed to take a book from initial idea to published book with an ongoing marketing and sales strategy can very high if you didn’t get most of it from other things.

    Doing it on your own can also be lonely; most jobs have co-workers, clients, or other people interacting daily, whereas writing has a lot of actively avoiding other people’s company for a while. So, sharing the load can help with mental comfort even when you can do things on your own.

    • Unfortunately getting someone else to help you with covers, formatting, marketing and more gets a little expensive unless you find someone you can trade with, or work together with. I’ve yet to find anyone that wants to form a partnership with me… so I’m pretty much stuck doing it on my own. Necessity and all. I can only afford to do editing and covers, everything else is on me. And I’m okay with that, I can get the books out, and published, an looking decent. I just am awful at marketing and know it.

      • Definitely agree that it’s hard to find someone who compliments your skills. And marketing seems the hardest area: I’ve yet to find a sales/marketing expert who didn’t assume I was joking when I suggested a profit-share model.

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