Ghostbuster Reboot?

ghost_10I’ve watched the Ghostbuster reboot trailer a couple of times now and I have a very…meh…response to it.

First of all, I absolutely LOVED the original movie. The second Ghostbusters was okay, but the original one is a movie I have watched dozens upon dozens of times because I loved it.

The reboot seems to start in the same library as the original, but with four women instead of men. I’d just like to say now that the gender swap aspect doesn’t bother me. I hate that I have to point this out, but the gender of an actor doesn’t matter as much to me as their skill in their performance. But the thing that sets a performance off the most is the writing of the script, the directors direction in performance, and the editing. You can have a marvelous performance by an actor/actress, but if the edit cuts it together wrong that performance will still suck. You can have a brilliant script, but if the director has the actors/actresses stand in weird spots, or he camera crew capture it from weird angles, it’s not going to look good in post. All of the elements have to work together to produce a good movie.

Now, from what I’ve seen of the trailer: The CGI was interesting. I loved the ghost on stilts, and the librarian ghost looked awesome. Some of the set pieces, like the new ghost trap, were kind of a cool take on the original movie. And they had Slimer.

What I did not like: The stereotypical loud, sassy, black chick. Really? Aren’t we past that yet? Sure, it can be funny sometimes, but the original Winston was not a stereotype, he was an everyday man just looking for a job. That was the beauty of his character, and they turned him into… that. Ug.

The rest of the plot-line that they showed seemed to revolve around one liners and cheap rips, or “girl power-esk” BS. They were suppose to be three scientists and they made them look stupid! How is that empowering for women?

And it bothers me slightly that they made this a reboot instead of a sequel. Why? Why would they do that? Not only are they rebooting it, but they are completely redoing it, and, if the trailer is to be believed, making it more campy then the original one was. And I want to point out that I would feel the exact same way if it was men playing the parts instead of women.

They could have done this well, and made tons of money to boot, if they had just made it a sequel. A passing of the torch to the next generation, and treated it with the same quirky but smart humor that the original had. Instead we get campy, stupid humor on par with an Adam Sandler movie. If you can’t tell I really don’t like most Adam Sandler movies.

It’s kind of sad too. I would have liked a new Ghostbusters movie to share with my kids. At this point I’m just going to have to wait to see reviews, and probably catch it on Netflix when it finally makes its way out of the movie theater.


2 thoughts on “Ghostbuster Reboot?

    • That’s the sad part…they are going to say that. Even if the movie tanks they are going to say “it’s because it’s an all female cast.”

      Have you ever seen “The Producers”? I can’t shake the feeling that it’s that kind of situation where the producers are making a fantastically horrible movie and hoping it will tank so they can just walk off with all the money.

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