Medical insurance…

And now for a small rant on the failure of our medical payment system.

The current poverty line for a single mother with one child in Washington state is 54,000. I made 28,000 last year. That seems to be below the poverty line,  to me. That’s because health care is based on national poverty levels, and the National poverty line is 15,000 for a family of two.

To top that off the lowest insurance that I qualify for was $80 a month since I no longer qualify for a subsidy. All because my daughter’s are now over 19 (even though they still live with me and one doesn’t have a job yet.)

The penalty for not having insurance for a single adult is $350. Or I could pay $960 to have insurance that I won’t use anyway since it doesn’t even cover the one thing I do need (dental).

I’m taking the penalty, and I’m voting Bernie Sanders, and fighting for a one payer health system, because there are too many people like me who fall through that little space where health insurance is too expensive, and going to the doctor isn’t an option unless you’re desperate.

The USA needs to join the rest of the world in this.

And I’m lucky. Gregg moved in and is helping pay rent (which just increased for the year). If he hadn’t moved in I would be trying to move to a low rent part of town by now just to survive. So glad I don’t have to do that. As it is I still pay half my pay just to rent every month. How the heck does anyone survive on 15,000 a year? That’s INSANE!


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