FAQ: Making money

Question on reddit today: Just wondering if an income of $500 a month would be an attainable goal for an average self publisher.

My answer:

$500 a month is doable. I know several people who make more than that on average.

If you price the book at $2.99 that’s about 250 sales needed. If it’s at $5.99 that’s about 120 sales. That’s not out there in the realm of possibilities.

The trick is to write a good book, then white another one, and keep writing good books for a while.

I’ve been at it for two years now, but I’m a really slow writer so I only have two novels and a bunch of short stories out. I’m getting better sales all the time, but it’s a slow process. Don’t go in thinking you’ll make it big off one book. There are some lucky people who hit the market just at the right time, but the vast majority of us have five books in a series before we start seeing some traction.


6 thoughts on “FAQ: Making money

  1. A little off topic, but have you read Monica Leonelle’s “Write Better Faster”, Crissy? It has a lot of useful tips for cranking out the words faster. I’m about halfway through it at the moment:

      • Some of it may be duplication. I’ve read a lot of the tips before 🙂 If you’ve read the others, you probably already know most of it.

        Just thought I’d mention it, since you talked about your writing speed.

      • Yep, that’s why I haven’t picked it up yet. Both of the other books have some similar tips. I think I know what I need to do, and I’m doing some of it. I’m slowly adding more of those to it. I will probably do a pre-NaNoWriMo update on word counts because I’m already ahead of last year and that feels wonderful.

      • Excellent. It’s all about individual improvement. The longer I’m a writer, the more I learn that everyone works differently and you can only really compete against your past self.

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