I love games, which I’m sure anyone watching this blog is well aware of. I play tons of video games, (mostly minecraft) board games, and now d&d. I’ll even be streaming to twitch more later this month.

But the best part about games… There are two things I REALLY love about games. One, the people and communities. I love sharing game ideas and talking about our favorite moments  I love chatting while playing a board game. I love watching videos on how to beat levels, or watching someone play a game I’ve never done.

The second thing is the inspiration. There are some amazing and stange games our there. From the heart wrenching opening of “The Last of Us”, the beautiful simplisity of “Jorney”, and the ever expanding world of “Skyrim”  to the Plains of Hyrul and puzzles of Mario.

Each game has its own style and flare. Each one has its own way of touching your heart or funny bone. And it immerses you in ways that TV and movies can not.

I think the only thing more immersive than a game is a book.

With games I have swum with sharks, traveled to new world’s, fought zombies, built magical artifacts, fought dragons, and pilfered ancient temples.

Games are amazing. They keep the mind active. The imagination strong.

Play more games.


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