After work today I came home, soaked in a hot tub with a book for a bit, then thought “I need to go write.”

Then the lights started flickering.

I did manage to get in a few words. I’ve been fleshing out the last few beats for the third book in “Mermaids Curse.” I figured out the ending yesterday and ended up writing 1800 words in that, and today I wrote another 250 and clicked save. Then the house went dark and the computer blinked off. Glad I saved!

I’ve been sitting here in the dark for the last two hours hoping it would come back up. No luck. (Well, I’ve been reading by candle light so it’s not all bad.)

It’s kind of crazy how dependant we are on electricity. I mean I know I can go in there and write in one of my notebooks by hand, but then I’d have to transcribe it all to computer and that just seems like a waste of time. I could just use my phone, but that’s also difficult. Bad enough that I sit here typing blog posts on my phone. I know the grammar and spelling hurt because of it.

Then there is food. I have an electric stove. I can’t cook. Most of the food in my house requires cooking.

Come to think of it, a lot of those earthquake survival kits have things like pancake mix and powdered eggs. Things that need to be cooked. Great if you have propain  or even a camp fire. Not so great here in the city during a black out. (story idea?)

I guess I’m going to bed early and I’ll write more tomorrow. G’night all.


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