“I subscribed to toilet paper.”

Imagine my surprise when I answered my phone and the first thing my friend said was “I just subscribed to toilet paper.”

Toilet paper? Is this like a subscription to fruit of the month of Life magazine? This is a thing you can do?

She then explained about the Amazon subscription service and how it works. Apparently you really can subscribe to your favorite toilet paper,  or potato chips or any number of other items, and have cases of them sent to your door ever month or three,  depending on how often you want them.

While I can imagine a few things I’d rather not go to the store for,  and use quite often,  like toilet paper,  I’m not so sure I’m ready to jump into the “subscribe to all the things!” category just yet.

This seems to be the way of the future  though. Amazon Fresh with food,  Amazon subscriptions with other products, and now Amazon unlimited with  books. And they aren’t the only ones doing it. Netflix, Hulu, Crunchy Roll,  iTunes … The list goes on with all the media choices. Why not toilet paper?

Heck,  Amazon isn’t even the first one to get into subscribing to physical items.  There is also the Dollar Shave Club that sends you razor blades every month for about a buck a day. And others.

Many industries seem to think the subscription service is the new way of the future, and I can’t disagree with them, especially on digital media. But I’m still a bit attached to driving to the store, saying hello to the local cashier that is there everytime I go, and physically interacting with another human being. And while most of my friends are online and live in other states or countries, these small interactions with real live human beings are still enjoyable.

But maybe subscribing to toilet paper, or diapers, or feminine hygiene products would make that check out line a little less uncomfortable at times.


4 thoughts on ““I subscribed to toilet paper.”

  1. This is where I’m going to admit I read this and went haa odd! Mainly because I don’t live in the same reality you do and no I’m not crazy, self medicating or need medicating. I’m a single FIFO on a 21/7 – in real world speak I’m a Fly-In-Fly-Out worker who spends 21 days on a remote fully catered for camp site working 10 hours a day every day then fly home & I get 7 days off. I’m a gypsy crashing at my family & friends houses or hotels. So for me “subscription” is kinda useless but I guess in the real world it could save time & effort. Although I’m curious if
    1. Do you need to be home for delivery (very restrictive if you do)
    2. What happens if you don’t need x amount of toilet paper that week

    • It’s just like any amazon shipment. No need to be home when they deliver. And apparently if you don’t need it that month you can push it forward a month or two, or put a hold on it.
      From what I understand the real appeal is that once you have a subscription you keep that price for the item as long as you keep the subscription.

      Still, not my cup of tea either.

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