Kobo, and Small Bites and FREE!

In preparation for putting “Small Bites- the Complete Collection” out all of the original Small Bite books are up on Kobo right now.

In fact, Small Bites 1 is free. So, if you’re reading this you could do me a big favor if you go to the Amazon listing and click on “tell us about a lower price” under the product details. Tell them it is on Kobo for free at this link:


That way Amazon will price match me.

Small Bites- the Complete Collection” is almost finished. I should have it up and available tomorrow. I just need to finish up a few edits. The paperback will take a little longer since I have to do a new cover. But thank you for your patience. This is my first major release and next time it will be so much smoother.


4 thoughts on “Kobo, and Small Bites and FREE!

  1. Hey Crissy. I know it’s 10 days late, but I saw that this was still listed at $0.99, so I submitted the price matching link. Looking forward to Small Bites the Complete Collection. =)

    • Thank you, I really appreciate it. Hopefully I can get it price matched eventually.

      And the complete collection is out 🙂
      Print was up, but I had to take it down to fix an issue with it’s listing. It will be back up tomorrow.

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