A New Book, and the Next Book


“Small Bites 3” is now out.

The third installment of the Small Bites dark, flash fiction stories.

And it already has one 5 star review! Awesome.

BUT! Because of this book, and how publication is gong lately, I think I am going to have to take a one week break from publishing.

The goal was to publish one book a week until I had a nice selection of books available on Amazon. I wanted each publication to be on Friday night for the weekend. Ideal would have been Thursday, so that it would be available on Friday morning.

But with everything going on, my new podcast, D&D once a week, and general family time… I need to get ahead a week in order to have the Thursday night release.

With my schedule I generally end up finishing the stories sometime around Friday night, Saturday afternoon. Then I scramble to get the formatting and everything finished, along with a few last minute edits. That means I don’t actually get to hit “PUBLISH” until about 2 am.

Because I want it out for the weekend, not just part of the weekend, I think I need to finish it that weekend, and release it the next Thursday night. That will give me time to catch up on a few things.

camera2The next one scheduled is The Camera, the second book in the Illicit Gains series.

Expect it on July 6th.

And to get any of my books, including a paper back version of “Osiren’s Tears”, check out my Amazon Page.


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