Spelling. It’s been a struggle for as long as I can remember. And homonyms just make it so much worse.

Then vs Than

Site vs Sight

Effect vs Affect

And, of course: Your vs You’re

That last one I rarely mess up on because every single time I write it I say to myself “you are” to see if it fits. It’s annoying, but useful habit and nets fewer instances of grammar nazi’s attacking me on forums.

I honestly wish they would drop “than” and “affect” from the written language. If you’re talking you can tell the difference just by context. If you are reading it is the same. Having the different spelling just makes it complicated, and makes my editing take another day just hunting down every single last instance of “then” so I can double check… is this related to time, or comparing something? Can I just remove that word all together?

English, with its many homonyms and unwieldy phrases, is a horrible spellers worst nightmare. And yet… I chose to write.

I must enjoy pain.


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