I’ve got so many distractions right now. Doctors, car repairs, children’s homework, and my own head that keeps running away with worries and possibilities.

One of my biggest distractions? That huge stack of story ideas that I want to finish. Each one wants to be completed, and I don’t have enough time or the mental energy to write all of them right now.

Eventually… over time… I am sure I could finish them all.

But what about “Plants vrs Zombies”? Or “Skyrim”? Or bubble baths with good books? S’mores by the fire? Come on! I NEED these things… right?

All of these distractions piling up, and my stories are forgotten on their little flash drive.

Pick one. Write. Edit. Publish.
Rinse. Repeat.
Just keep swimming….

And remind myself, day after day, that if I finish this and start publishing regularly then maybe, eventually, I won’t have to have that day job anymore. Then I’ll have time for “Skyrim”, “Plants vrs Zombies”, and every episode of the “Walking Dead” that I missed. Till then…

Go Write!


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