Just a Quick Update

I’m working on editing “Osiren’s Tears”, one of the stories I did during NaNoWriMo. I’m also trying to write a description I think doesn’t completely suck. 

Everyone who does something creative, I don’t care if it is sewing, painting, writing, or cooking… We all have that one thing about it that we are horrible at. For me it’s the blurb you put up on Amazon. I just can’t seem to wrap the story into some neat little catchy paragraph or three. Everything sounds forced, sterile, or just plain horrible. So I’m working on that trying to get better.

While I am editing “Osiren’s Tears” I am also working on a Sci-fi romance. I know I mentioned “Message in a Bottle”, but when I got the idea for “Starcrossed” I just had to go with it. It involves some quantum physics going awry, and the merging dreams between a young scientist, and an alien. You can have some interesting encounters when you think you’re dreaming.


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