Giving for the sake of giving

I have had a lot of Christmas’s where others have been very helpful. When you’re down on your luck, I guess, having someone get your kid a present, a doll, or an MP3 player, can be incredibly uplifting.

My family is at a point now that we’re getting by alright. I don’t have a lot, but we have presents under the tree. But I wanted to give something back this year.

On that note, I found Random Acts of Christmas on Reddit. I didn’t have much to give… I mean, we’re okay but I still can’t go out to eat every week (not that’d I’d want to, it get’s old after a while). But, I did have a bunch of things I made. Stickers, magnets, bookmarks, and some simple jewelry.

So I stuck up an offer to give away some stocking stuffers…

It’s amazing how good it feels just to give away these little things. There not much, but hopefully some little kids will really enjoy them.

Maybe you can’t do much, but even the little things count. And I hope you all have a great Holiday season, whichever Holiday you’re celebrating.


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