Giving yourself permission to SUCK!

Sometimes the biggest thing standing in the way of writing is our internal editor that is constantly in our head telling us that isn’t good enough, rewrite it.

But that isn’t the purpose of a first draft, or a sketch, or anything else you’re beginning. The beginning is suppose to be bad. It’s suppose to suck.

I loved this analogy by ircnetsplit
“It’s like a house. The first stage is just a bunch of boards with nothing in between them. Who the hell would want to live in a house like that? It’s a crappy house.”
“But, that’s how you build a house. You get the framework up, then you fill it out with walls, and insulation, and a roof, etc. Then you have an awesome house.”

So let go. If that last sentence sucks just ignore it and go to the next sentence. You’re going to have to edit later anyway. Right now just WRITE FAST and ignore everything else.

(My progress on NaNoWriMo: 2,000/50,000)


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