Tips to NaNoWriMo When You’re Busy

Got a new baby?

Some useful ideas you can use to keep writing.

* Keep a notebook, computer file, or note taker on your phone/tablet at all times.
* Write a few words when you’re waiting int the doctors office, or on hold on the phone, or the baby takes a nap.
* While in the shower take the time to think out your story, maybe use colored soap, washable marker, or lipstick to jot notes on the wall and wash off later.
* Get a recorder and talk to it about your story while in traffic.

Remember NaNoWriMo isn’t just about finishing, it’s about setting goals and pushing yourself. If you can’t do 50k try a couple short stories.

Always strive for more.

And remember, you don’t have to validate your NaNo with the actual story. You can copy “the lazy dog runs home” 10,000 times and paste that in, and just keep your stories in the notebook for now.


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