Tenacity and Perseverance

Writing is an act of creativity. Publishing is an act of tenacity, whether you are self or traditionally published.

If you think about it, nearly everyone writes. Letters, notes, forums, fan-fic and random snippets here and there. That takes creativity. And if you share your work via blogs, forums, or other sources then you also show your desire to share your thoughts with the world.

Publication takes more. It takes tenacity and perseverance.

Let me clarify. Many people have said self publishing is muddying the waters. Lots of ebooks get through with little or no editing. Some are poorly formated. Others have boring cover art.

But there are others who take all the extra steps. Good edits, formating and cover art. These few will likely have more then one book, and earn themselves many followers and fans because they are fighting the good fight. Earning their small part of the kingdom. And making something we want to see and read.

If they are trying traditional publications there are even more steps. Queries, rejections, more queries, agents, contracts, proofs, signings, and, at the end of the day, maybe a paycheck.

Anyone can write. To write well you must work hard. To publish you must work even harder. To succeed at it you have to be tenacious.

Stick with it, good writer. Fight the good figt. Persever where others will fall behind.


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