Yes, I wrote that!

The new SPRT, episode 4, is out.


We had an interview with author Lisa Grace about her movie deal, and how she weathered the trials and tribulations of dealing with lawyers, producers, and publishers to bring her indie book series to the movies.

Also, John ate his words.

If you recall, last week I published “The Pretty Leaf” for free because one of my co-hosts, John Ward, took a shot at flash-fic. And here John is, saying how great “The Pretty Leaf” really was.

I’ve had some great responses from people about “The Pretty Leaf”, and I’m really glad I wrote it. I hope you will share it with others, comment, like, or even print out to give away.

Stories are better when they are shared.


My co-hosts–  Carl Sinclair |  Wade Finnegan  |  Bill Dowis  |  John Ward

The Self-Publishing Round Table

The first episode of my new podcast.

It’s about John Green, and the difference in self and traditional publishing. Plus a lot of other random stuff, including reviewing “Self Publishing Podcast” and “Story Telling Podcast”.

My New Podcast!

I’ve actually been thinking of how to add audio or video podcasts to my blog. I’m rather afraid of speaking in public though, so doing it on my own didn’t seem very appealing.

Enter the snazzy group of guys who follow Self Publishing Podcast, and Story Telling Podcast and they decided to do their own podcast, and invited me to join.

We will be discussing the two podcasts we all follow, and anything else interesting in the publishing world. News, articles, controversy, etc.

No idea how this is going to work, or if it will go smoothly. I don’t really care, it sounds fun.

So, look for our new podcast this friday. I will post a link, and embed a video.

Around the Web

Your semi regular dose of news from around the web.

The saga over Penguin exploiting authors continues. And now there is a class action lawsuit over unpaid royalties to go with it all.

On some lighter notes:

Some of the best known authors prove it’s never too late to start writing.

The Creative Penn discusses marketing and selling learned from some top selling indie authors.

Pets of favorite authors.

The SPP interviews CJ Lyons. (youtube)


Happy writing.

Around the Web

A lot of things going on since the last time I posted one of these. A few articles, and several videos.

Jessica Blair, Author of 22 romance novels, is actually 89 year old war vet, Bill (Proof that pen names to hide your sex works both ways.)

Why the US internet is so slow and expensive (Vimeo)  (YouTube) This is important to anyone in the US. For writers and creative types who do a great volume of work online, it matters.

6 Publishing trends that will benefit readers and writers.

148 audio podcasts from Joanna Penn

4 ways to amplify your creativity.

Making your fantasy world more relate-able.

Secret anatomy of KDP select

Google+ communities for writers (Youtube) from Books and Beer

Ira Glass on Storytelling (Vimeo) (YouTube) (I might have posted this before, but I love it.)

Around the Web

I’m sure something else has happened to, but that’s what I have for you this week.