The Sun, it BURNS!

I experienced a rather weird thing this week.

You know when you go to the eye doctor, and they shine a bright light in your eye so they can see the back of your eye and check for issues? Ya, she did that… and I could HEAR the light.

This is the first time, that I can remember, where light triggered an audible episode. I’ve read about the phenomenon before, just never experienced it myself.

I have photophobia. That is a sensitivity to light. Even as a child I would hide out in the library, or sit in the shade with my eyes closed, because I could not see in the bright sunlight.

As a kid in sunny California with parents who constantly said “go out and play!”… Lets just say I was a well read kid.

I could buy stock in sun glasses. I break or lose them a lot, and have to get more so that I can function. Thankfully there aren’t a lot of bright sunny days in the north west.

But hearing light… that was an interesting experience. It sounded like the roar of the ocean in my ear. It would have been almost soothing if it hadn’t also been causing sharp pains and a head ache.

Maybe some day I will learn to keep my sun glasses in the car.
Or maybe I’ll just buy another book and stay in.