My tongue doesn’t agree with my brain.


Zombie dice score markers I made.

I went to dinner with my boyfriend and his dad tonight. His dad is a lovely person. Smart, eloquent, well mannered. Incredibly well educated, and pays attention to minute details.

So when he started talking about muti-tasking, and learning I was happy. I did a lot of research in that subject because I found it fascinating. I had a lot of things to offer the conversation, and opinions and questions to share.

But somehow the connection between my brain and my tongue was disconnected.

I wanted to say: The research on muti-tasking is quite fascinating. It seems to all agree that we don’t do two things at once, rather we switch back and forth between the two tasks. However, I think most research has focused on two tasks needing to be completed at the same time. Not one task, and one passive skill (like listening to music). In the later instance you could be focusing most of your attention on the task at hand while your other senses are being distracted by the music. Say, for instance, like when I write a story. Most of my focus is on the words on the computer screen, and the music is drowning out any other distraction, including the distractions created by my own cerebelum when my mind wanders.

What came out?

Ya, the research is interesting. It all agrees you can’t do it.

Go me!

I even managed to sound like I thought learning piano was “just memorizing finger placement”. Cause my mouth was out of sink with my brain.

I ended up sitting in my corner of the booth chewing on steamed broccoli because I couldn’t bare sticking my foot in my mouth again. Some days I shouldn’t speak.


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