It’s been a while

I haven’t written a post in a while because I’m tired of being a negative Nancy. My life isn’t that bad, so I really shouldn’t be.

Here’s the thing… I was hoping that in March I would be able to start the paperwork on buying a new home. Not renting, and wasting thousands of dollars on something I can’t change. Not dealing with ugly beige carpets that get new black spots ever time someone walks in with shoes on. (Seriously, why do they put beige carpets in DINING ROOMS?!?!?! It makes not sense.)

No, I thought I’d have my own home that I could paint, rip out carpets, ruin, or improve… but it would be mine.

I have a house loan. I can do this… if I can get a down payment. Which I can’t. My car breaks, or a kid gets sick, or my tooth gets a crack and… good buy down payment that I’ve been saving for a year. Or two. Or three.

And I don’t really want to leave the school district we are in because they’ve been so great to us. But the housing costs are rising here, and I won’t be able to afford even rent soon.

So, there you go. I’m feeling kind of negative as my savings gets eaten up, and I have nothing much to show for it.


And, I am trying to look at the bright side. My kids are happy, healthy, and doing well in school. We have a roof over our heads. I have a steady job. We are all doing well.

But I’d really like a house… or at the very least I’d like to see upward movement in my house fund instead of the sudden downward movement every time I think I’ve gotten there.



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