I should be writing

I should be writing, But I’m not.

After NaNoWriMo I was a little burnt out, which is understandable. 50,000 words in 30 days, and I wrote 7000 just in the last two days. 48000 of it was just on one project.

I got tired of looking at words, and files, and spreadsheets of numbers. Tired of trying to string two words together to make a coherent sentence. Tired…. just tired.

So I took a little break, immersed myself in Minecraft for a little while, and haven’t written much in the last week. I did write one entire plot for a new novel that got added to my “to write”and list, but there are a lot of projects before it.

So… why aren’t I writing now?

I have two half finished books (one novel, one novella) waiting for me to finish them. I have several short stories almost finished that, if I actually sat down and concentrated, I could probably finish in a week.

I have convinced myself that as long as I keep putting out books, stories, novellas, and some full length novels, that eventually there is going to be a tipping point and I’ll eventually make enough sales so that I can write full time. But I also know this is going to take a lot of hard work, and time.

Hard work?! Ug!

So… to remedy this I am going to have to start writing every day again. Even if it’s crap. Even if it sucks and I know it. Because it can’t always be crap, right? But I’m going to start slower then NaNo levels, and work my way up.

Since I started tracking my writing last February I wrote 210,000 words. Finished, and published, 20 short stories, and 3 novellas…. lets see how many I can do before the next NaNoWriMo!


8 thoughts on “I should be writing

  1. I’m in much the same situation at the moment too. I didn’t do Nano, but I wrote myself into a funk. I’ve been playing Mass Effect 2 and watching Dexter this month, and not doing any writing. It’s tough to not feel guilty when you’re not writing, but equally tough to find the motivation to start again.

    • Exactly!
      I feel so guilty not writing. Then when I sit down to write I know it’s going to be crap, at least for a little while, because I have been doing so little for a few weeks. So I balk at writing.
      Such a catch 22.

      • I think taking a month, especially with a day job, isn’t such a bad thing. If writing isn’t fun, then it will show for the readers. I’m planning on writing about 6K more words this month and then just waiting until LAS Millionaire in January.

  2. I’m just getting over a funk. I got burned out by a lot of non-fiction over the past two months. Not that it’s not fun, but I have a story or two that I’m having more trouble than I’d like telling right now.

    I wish I ‘got’ minecraft. My son and his friends can play it all day long, but to me it’s like computerized legos.

    • It is computerized lego’s, lol. That’s why I love it. Plus, there are monsters, and mods. The mod’s are what make it really fun.
      My favorite part of WoW and Everquest was always the exploration, and finding new things, then crafting was my second favorite. Minecraft does both of those things very well. So I guess it fits that I’d love Minecraft too.

      Then again, there are people that don’t like Skyrim, or WoW, too, and those are some VERY popular games. And I can’t stand “Grand Theft Auto” or “Call of Duty”. So we all have our own loves.

      Hope you break through your writing funk, too.

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