Around the Web

It’s been a while since I did an “Around the Web” post, so I thought I should catch up.

In the news this week, the biggest thing is the protests in Turkey. Huge protests, with thousands of people marching against the police. There are amazing pictures coming out of Turkey, and a lot of chatter on Reddit from people who are actually there, and what is going on.

I hope they make some headway…

Now, for the rest of the news.

Hugh Howie talks about indie authors who make a living writing.

Hugh Howie also plugged an Anne Rice video on “how to be a writer.” Hint: Go WRITE!

Neil Gaiman talks about the book that made him.

Neil Gaiman’s speach, “Make Good Art”, is now in a book form.

George R.R. Martin wrote 250k words for The World of Ice and Fire.

An Anne McCaffery tribute book will be out soon.

John Green claims Penguin to be the most effective publishing house for YA.

And non writing related…

An old video of a 7-11 at 2am from back in the 80’s. I forgot people use to smoke inside stores.

For a moment of levity, Tim Burton inspired Pokemon.

Someone did a minecraft world simulation, 1:1500 scale.



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