I am one of those lucky people that works a 9-5 job. Lucky because at least I have a job, even if it isn’t exactly what I’d like to be doing. At least it isn’t a very difficult job, gives me time to make notes for later writing, and I feel like I am accomplishing a useful service for people… most days.

Then there are days like today when someone comes in and yells at me, then tells me everything is my fault, and I’m a liar because his sister or girlfriend (whatever she was to him) was a pretty smart girl and couldn’t possibly have misunderstood me.

Now… Deep breath. Calm down…

Some days I wish I could just be a writer, and nothing else. Other days I remind myself that this is a good opportunity to study a human beings real reactions and use it to write about later.

But at the moment… at the moment I just wish I could tell him he’s a jerk to his face, and I would really like to kick him out of my store for yelling at me.

Pick your battles. Breath deep. Find the good things in life and let the bad ones flow off you. Otherwise how will you ever survive?


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