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I’m sick today, so I’m only posting a small post while my brain is active enough to handle it. I’ve actually been sleeping on and off all day today.

Alright, the big news, right off the top:
Amazon buys Goodreads! Here is an article from Daily News and another from Amazon Press Release. What does it mean? Will they integrate reviews? Will they muck up social networks and ruin things like facebook? Time will tell.

Second, Bioshock Infinite is out, and I love this review done by Adam Sessler. Basically… video games are pushing the boundaries of story telling. I can’t wait to play this game and be a full part of the story.

Felicia Day did a great AMA on Reddit this week, and talks a bit about the future of Geek and Sundry, and her creative drive in general.

The Writers Knowledge Base offers a searchable index of articles about writing, creating, and what have you. I haven’t had much time to search around in it, but so far it looks interesting.

The Nerdist interviews Macklemore. They talk about the weirdness of fame, writers block, creativity, and doing what you love.

The Future of Storytelling, interviews with people at Comic Con.

On the home front, I’ve been putting together a playlist on YouTube of video’s about Overcoming Fear, from the likes of Charlie is so Cool Like, Hank Green, and Vi Hart. There are some wonderful videos and I hope they inspire you, too.


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