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The biggest news this last week or two has been about the Random House imprints, and their contracts.

John Scalzi had a lot to say about the matter, and about the subsequent changes put into the imprint contracts.

My thought on the matter is that if the publisher doesn’t give you a better deal than self publishing, then it isn’t in your best interest to do it, especially if you have to give them all of your rights to the piece of writing. After all, your the writer. You’re the one who should be making money off your work before anyone else.

And here is and article in defense of the royalty only contract, but take note. Royalty only does not mean giving up all rights, paying for things like printing, editing and storage out of your royalties, or losing control of your IP.

Please check Writers Beware for more information on sketchy issues with agents and publishers.

In other news:

Google Reader is shutting down. Here is a list of alternatives. So far, I like Feedly.


Body language cheat sheet for writers.

What if we put DRM on a chair? Well, I know what happens when we put DRM on SimCity.

Jim Butcher is putting out a steam punk series.


There’s been a lot more then this during the last week or so, but I think this is enogh for the day.


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