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A lot has been happening this month. Penguin is pushing Authors Solution. Amazon is discouraging free book sites. And interviews all over the place! Here is a look at what’s been going on around the web.

Amazon HEAVILY discouraging websites that focus on free books. (The guys over at SPP are probably going to be talking about this on the next episode, so keep an eye out for that. 

Tips on recovering from Writers Burnout

Penguins Solution for Writers: One Racket to Rule Them All  (I liked that title too much to paraphrase.)

60 Years of interviews with authors from The Paris Review

We had the review scam a few weeks ago, now authors are paying for their spot on the best seller list.

Breaking Dawn, Part 2 wins 7 Razzie Awards

Barns and Noble may cut back on Nooks and some more about that from NY Times.

The internet is kickstarting a teen poetry revolution.

Shut the *** up and Create, an article by one of my favorite new authors. (Language)


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