Small Bites

I’ve got a good start on “Small Bites”, and hopefully I can get this done soon. I’m also working on “Osiren’s Tears”, the first book in the Eversword series, and the first 30k word book I’ll be putting out.

Here is a description of “Small Bites”.

Eleven stories, each less then 1000 words. Inside you will find telepaths, vampires, time travelers, werewolves, and magic. Stories about curiosity, darkness, and over stepping your boundaries.

Each story is self contained. They are just small bites into my twisted mind.

  • Beware the Werewolf
    • A sign on a fence, and an interesting twist.
  • Past Talks
    • A day time talk show interviews a time traveling documentary maker.
  • Griffins Flight
    • The mating flight of a griffin.
  • Price of Magic
    • What happens when you take short cuts in magic?
  • Something Beneath
    • A little girl with a big secret.
  • The Chimera
    • First impressions are not always the right ones.
  • Woodwife
    • She told him she didn’t like to be touched.
  • Scarecrow
    • The silent scarecrow sometimes sees more then we think.
  • Price of a Book
    • A beaten woman finally has enough.
  • Carmine
    • A telepath finds more then she bargained for.
  • The Door
    • When curiosity bites back.

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