Games and Writing

gamesI now have over 90 games… just on my steam account. That’s not even counting the rack of games for the various counsels I have over there.

I love games. I love figuring out puzzles, gathering items, killing the bad guy. I love the thrill of discovering new worlds, and ransacking dungeons. The sudden adrenalin rush as the boss battle grinds you down and kills you yet again, and you pick up the control and start all over. Just die, and try again.

I love it all. I’d play games all of the time if I could.

However, of those 90+ games I have, I haven’t been able to play any of them very much. A few minutes here and there, maybe an hour. But I have yet to finish one. Why?

Because I’d rather be making my own worlds and sharing them with others. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to discover other peoples visions for worlds. That’s why I just spent every spare moment for the last week (and there hasn’t been a lot of free moments) reading “Ghost Story” by Jim Butcher, and finding out what happens to Harry Dresden.

I’d love more hours in the day to finish a game, a book, and finish writing my own novel. But we each get the same amount of time each day. We each have to work out way through it. It’s a battle of priorities.

So… what did you spend your time on today?


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