A Brand New Day

I realized, a short time ago, that I was writing an awful lot about the mechanics of writing. Usually it is to answer questions on various forums. Reddit seems to be the most common.

I also have this form for character creation that has been on farp for years, and has been incredibly popular.

Since I started to self publish some works, notably Twilight Tales that came out May 2012, I thought a website and/or blog would be a good way of talking to others about the thing I love: writing.

But I realized it couldn’t JUST be about writing. I’m no expert. I struggle, often, with grammar and spelling just like everyone else. I may have read a lot of books on the subject and managed to remember a lot of the mechanics of traditional publishing, and even published some things over the years. But I’m not Stephen King.

So, this blog isn’t about writing as much as it is about “what makes a good story”, and the “why” of it all, with a few how-to’s thrown in.

Maybe I’ll manage to help a few people. Maybe I’ll just be here for the fun of it. Either way, in the end I guess I win.


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